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Cat lovers, this connected cat feeder is going to change your daily life. You can manage and program your cat's feeding schedule, wherever you are, thanks to the app. Designed with vets to ensure your cats stay healthy, the Catspad dispenser is able to detect any unusual habit changes.

Delivery within one month.

This pack contains :

x 2
Collar tag
x 1
Pack of 3 filters
x 1
Charger (adapted for use in your country)
x 1
Operating manual
x 2
Food Bowl
x 2
Water Bowl



I just received my Catspad yesterday, and am very happy with the product. It looks great and feels very robust. Thank you for all of your hard work developing this product! ~ A.S.


It looks great and was easy to install following the starter guide. Thumbs up! ~ R.A.


Hi catspad team! I'm so happy to report the catspad has arrived and my cats are clearly impressed with it. I'm so happy you have made all our crazy cat dreams come true and my cats Jónsi, moya and Payton are eager to get using it. Thanks again. ~R.D.


I've already noticed that with the Catspad dispenser's design and its bowl, my cats don't wolf down their food like they usually do with larger bowls, which is great in my opinion. The height of the bowl vs a bowl on the ground also helps I think: The cat eats on all fours rather than with its tummy on the floor. :) ~ M.E.


I've noticed a decrease in agressive behaviour among my cats, no more food related quarrels. ~ B.P.




The Catspad revolution


Size : 35 cm × 50 cm × 33 cm

Weight : 7 kilograms

Dry Food Storage Capacity : 1.6 kg

Water stock: 6 Liters

catspad-food.svgWorks with any type of dry cat food
catspad-battery.svgContains an emergency battery in case of a power outage
catspad-maintenance.svgVery easy to clean
catspad-mobile.svgSchedule meals through the Catspad app (iOS and Android)
catspad-wifi.svgConnects to your home Wi-Fi Network

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